The Storied Grandeur of Metropolitan Real Estate

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Metropolitan real estate is desirable among discerning homebuyers and investors for two significant reasons: the city is an international hub for finance, culture, and cosmopolitan ideals – and the charming, historic locales that surround major cities have long been reserved as exclusive real estate destinations.

The most iconic example is, of course, the Hudson River Valley outside of New York City, whose charming towns give way to historic architectural feats in one of our country’s most beautiful settings. Only a short charter away, Manhattan and Brooklyn offer the appeal of city living – including luxury condos, impressive brownstones, and more.

New York City real estate possesses a certain level of sophistication that is unmatched in the U.S. – and the world – and our luxury real estate agents provide key access to these properties.

The Enduring Value of Metropolitan Real Estate

Considered the apex of cosmopolitanism throughout the world, all things flow through the New York City real estate market.

Whether you opt for city living with a luxury condo in a premier neighborhood of Manhattan or Brooklyn, or a luxury mansion among the autumnal beauty of the Hudson River Valley, your real estate investment promises significant appreciation while you, your family, your guests and clients experience all that metropolitan real estate has to offer.


Compass Mansions Provides Exclusive Access to the Metropolitan Real Estate Market

Our luxury real estate agents bring expertise and industry knowledge to the table, so you can secure your real estate investment and experience all the benefits that city living has to offer. The New York City real estate market may seem daunting to some, but not for The Luxury Division at Compass, which has reached new heights for sales volume in this market.

Why our clients choose Compass Mansions:


A network of 27,000 real estate agents through the country.


A $29.5 billion sales volume for luxury houses in 2022.


Comprehensive press coverage of our sales from The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and more.


A monthly curated listing newsletter featuring the most exclusive mansions for sale in the U.S.

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Compass Mansions speaks several languages, including Spanish, French, and German, to serve our national and international clients’ luxury real estate needs.

Looking Beyond Metropolitan Real Estate? Explore Two Other Luxury Markets

The luxury and refinement of New York City real estate and city living aren’t for everyone. Our luxury real estate agents offer curated listings in two other destinations: the Coastal & Beachfront and Outdoor & Active.

Imagine a seaside paradise or stately mountain home and you’ll have a sense of our exclusive listings in these two sought-after destinations. No matter what kind of luxury real estate you desire – and no matter your acquisition goals – Compass Mansions only presents the finest listings available today.

We match our clients with the perfect luxury home for their needs, from dual-home and tri-home ownership, to vacation homes and fractional-ownership homes for executives.

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