Claim Your Share of Luxury with Fractional Real Estate Ownership

Fractional Homeownership Is Luxury on Your Terms

At Compass Mansions, you have the power to choose the luxury property that works for you. Through fractional homeownership, Compass Mansions clients enjoy a gorgeous luxury property in a desirable location, while avoiding the downsides. You can own a fractional real estate property for sale in any of Compass Mansion’s real estate market specialties: Metropolitan, Outdoor & Active, and Coastal & Beachfront homes.

What Is Fractional Real Estate Ownership?

Fractional homeownership is an investment in a fraction of a property, typically in the range of one-eighth to half ownership. Fractional luxury homes are managed by a fractional real estate management company, which partners with local support services, including maintenance.

A fractional ownership property for sale today can be a lucrative real estate investment. Fractional ownership is an increasingly popular way to own desirable luxury real estate, so you can invest now and expect appreciation and a significant return when you decide to sell.

Fractional ownership may be your solution if:

  • You only plan to visit the property a handful of times per year.
  • You want hands-off maintenance and upkeep.
  • You want a family gathering place for vacation without third-party renting.
  • You want a share of fractional real estate investment.

Why Do Compass Clients Prefer Fractional Real Estate Ownership?

Not every client looking to buy in the luxury market needs full homeownership to enjoy a luxury property.

Here’s why clients find value in fractional homeownership:

  1. Your schedule only allows you to visit a certain locale a few times during the year, and you don’t want to hold or manage a property full-time.
  2. Buying fractional ownership property for sale delivers the perfect window where you can stay in your home without having to manage the property yourself.
  3. You can leverage fractional ownership as a smaller investment than full ownership and still enjoy returns.
  4. You and your family want a place they can retreat to, stress-free, for a long vacation. Simply arrive, enjoy yourself, and depart without having to open or close the house for the season.
  5. Business leaders desire an attractive destination to schedule retreats and make invitations to clients during the time of year they own the home.

No matter the reason for your interest in this key investment, Compass Mansions ensures you have a choice between the finest luxury mansions available for fractional homeownership.

Trust Compass to Help You Find an Exceptional Fractional Real Estate Property

Compass Mansions clients trust us to curate an exclusive list of luxury properties when they’re looking to purchase a second or third home. They also trust us to deliver the best fractional ownership properties for sale on the market today.

Compass Mansions will guide you through the process of partnering with Pacaso, a successful fractional homeownership broker whose founders created Zillow and Hotwire. We can help you find an extraordinary home in sought-after destinations, including our Coastal & Beachfront, Metropolitan, and Outdoor & Active luxury markets.

Please provide the information requested below, and we’ll get in touch with you to provide a strategy for the fractionally owned luxury home that suits you best.

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