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A luxury home on the coast is considered one of the true hallmarks of a luxurious lifestyle. The great classics of American cinema and literature have firmly associated taste, success, and grandeur with coastal living.

You too can participate in this storied lifestyle when you view our carefully selected listings of beach houses for sale. People come to the beach to get away – to breathe in fresh air and experience the powerful presence of the ocean.

Compass Mansions looks forward to taking you on a tour of mansions for sale on the beach with design achievements that will astonish you, while also offering a quiet escape from the outside world.

Discover Beach Houses with Timeless, Yet Contemporary Luxury Designs

Our agents provide access to exclusive coastal living real estate opportunities for the discerning client who craves their own taste of paradise.

Our curated list of beach mansions for sale features the timeless hallmarks of the classic luxury beach house, yet each property features its own contemporary design to inspire your imagination and ensure your investment is the most appealing property on the coastline.

Compass Mansions only selects the very best real estate, including awe-inspiring beach houses near you, so you can experience the emerald water, fine-sand beaches, and sunshine any time of year.

Our beach houses for sale are positioned within some of the most sought-after coastal destinations in the U.S. without compromising on privacy or exclusivity.

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Why Trust Compass Mansions with Your Beach House Acquisition

Compass Mansions provides the finest list of beach houses for sale on the market today. However, the listing is only as extraordinary as the agent who can position you as the preferred buyer for any beach house you’ve chosen.

Why our clients choose Compass Mansions:


A network of 27,000 real estate agents through the country.


A $29.5 billion sales volume for luxury houses in 2022.


Comprehensive press coverage of our sales from The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and more.


A monthly curated listing newsletter featuring the most exclusive mansions for sale in the U.S.

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If you’re looking for a mansion for sale on the beach in a location far away from home, a beach house near you, or any of our coastal living luxury properties, a Compass agent is ready to be of service.

Simply fill out the form below, and we will get back to you at a time that suits you best. It is our pleasure to help you find the perfect luxury property.

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Compass Mansions speaks several languages, including Spanish, French, and German, to serve our national and international clients’ luxury real estate needs.

Explore Other Luxury Home Markets, Including the Outdoor & Active and Metropolitan Markets

Beach houses will always be an attractive investment for any client interested in luxury real estate. However, Compass Mansions also offers curated listings for the Metropolitan and Outdoor & Active markets if a beach mansion for sale isn’t your current real estate interest.

As an alternative to coastal living, we feature mountain houses with plenty of acreage and recreational activities, as well as Metropolitan condos and luxury homes for those who love the vast expanse of an elegant property, but can’t keep away from city life for too long.

Our Metropolitan and Outdoor & Active markets include the most exclusive homes available on the market today, outside of our list of luxury beach houses for sale.

Discover the listings in each of these markets, and get in touch with an agent from The Luxury Division at Compass today:

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